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RREPP Becoming Carbon Neutral With New Website Launch

RREPP Becoming Carbon Neutral With New Website Launch

Hi everyone. Some exciting news from RREPP.

At the beginning of the new year in 2022 RREPP will be launching a wonderful new website. And with this we will also be launching our new Tree Planting initiative in partnership with Tree Nation. The aim of this new environmental initiative is for RREPP as a business and our products to become Carbon Neutral. We are going to keep it very simple. For every product that is purchased from us, whether it be through our online shop or via our corporate clients via our Schools, Sporting Clubs or Businesses, RREPP will be planting a tree in one of two reforestation programs. 

So for any purchases of our Organic Fairtrade School Uniform Polo's or Tee's, we will plant the same amount of trees in the 'Trees for Tribal' reforestation program in India. This aligns nicely as all our garments are made in India so the initiative will be offsetting all the carbon needed to produce our garments including the shipping. As well as reducing RREPP's own carbon footprint back here in Australia. 

For any purchases of our Fairtrade Sports Balls, we will plant the same amount of trees in the Eden reforestation program in Nepal. Once again allowing us to produce a Carbon free product through carbon offseting and reducing RREPP's own carbon footprint back here in Australia. 

There have been studies conducted by the UK's Carbon trust fund which found that a conventionally produced non organic t-shirt or polo shirt was responsible for around 15kg  of Co2 over it's lifetime. Even before our new tree planting initiative, RREPP as business has always operated with a low carbon footprint. By producing all of our garments organically, one organic shirt only generates 4.07kg of Co2 over the course of its life, which is a 70% reduction in Co2 generation vs conventional shirt manufacturing. So our new tree planting initiatives will be offsetting the remainder plus more. And this is across the full life of the shirt. Interestingly 60% of the Co2 stated is actually generated by post production consumer care. 

To add to our sustainable approach to product production, it is worth noting that it takes 2700 litres of ground water to produce the cotton needed to make just one conventional School uniform Polo or t-shirt. Combined with all the synthetic chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides. Yet to produce one of RREPP's Organic Fairtrade Primary School Uniform polos or tees, it only takes 243 litres of water, and without any environmentally damaging synthetic chemicals which also get absorbed into our skin. 

So with the launch of our new website in January 2022, RREPP will commence it's journey to very quickly becoming a carbon neutral business producing carbon neutral products. It will certainly be an exciting phase backing our claims of being one of Australia's leading social and environmentally conscious businesses. And for transparency as well, on our new website we will have LIVE Tree Counters to show everyone how many trees we are planting in real time as our customers purchase from us, and how much carbon we are offsetting via our LIVE Carbon Offsetting Counters.

And to celebrate this exciting evolution of the RREPP business pre the launch of our new website, RREPP has just planted 250 trees as a thank you to all our customers and for all your great support over the years. We love and appreciate your willingness and determination to purchase ethically through RREPP, and to make a difference in the world. You can take a sneak preview of the RREPP forest that will appear on our new website HERE  . As you can see our recent 250 trees planted has offset 10 tonnes of Co2. Or roughly 40kg of carbon per tree.

So thanks again for being a part of the RREPP consciousness shift. It's been a tough year for so many, especially for our front line workers, our kids and schools. So we are certainly looking forward to new beginnings in 2022. 

p.s: and if you are looking for ethically made Sports Balls and Tee's as Xmas gifts this year, we would love you to consider purchasing a RREPP gift for your loved ones from our online shop HERE

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
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Chief Purpose & Vision Officer

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