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FINAL CALL OUT FOR SCHOOLS & CLUBS - Ethical Sports Ball Orders

FINAL CALL OUT FOR SCHOOLS & CLUBS - Ethical Sports Ball Orders

Dear Leadership Teams

Isn't it so great for our kids to be back at school and the rest of us back to business. 

RREPP as an Australian owned Social Enterprise has hit the floor boards running and we are about to put in our final Fairtrade certified Sports Ball bulk orders for the year for Schools and Sporting Clubs. Deliveries will be made in March 2022. All our Sports Balls are match quality for all player standards, and endorsed and certified by Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand. Simply the Best & Fairest Sports Balls in Australia bar none. 

Our signature range includes Soccer, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Futsal and Touch Football. Our 20% discount applies to all Schools and Sporting Clubs, and for orders of 100 balls or more per sporting code, we will professionally brand your school or club logo onto every ball Free Of Charge. You can check out the range on our website HERE

'Your Choice is Your Voice', so why not make your choice Fairtrade as a socially conscious school in 2022. It's great to be back and congratulations to everyone who have been able to come out the other side of what has been an extremely challenging year. All the best.

Deadline for final orders is 9th November 2021 and I can be contacted personally at or 0422 004 954 for enquiry or orders.

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director
Chief Purpose & Vision Officer

m. 0422 004 954

Social Enterprise specialising in:

Fairtrade Certified Match quality Sports Balls
Organic & Fairtrade Certified School Uniform Polos & Tees
Organic & Fairtrade Certified Corporate Polos & Tees
A boutique range of Organic Fairtrade Corporate Merchandise


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