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Affirming Kindness To Our Kids, Our Communities, To Each Other

Affirming Kindness To Our Kids, Our Communities, To Each Other

Where has the sense of community gone in our world, where all of a sudden our values seem to have been turned upside down. Why has the messaging from our Leaders become so coercive, divisive and fear driven, when true Leaders are suppose to unite us, promote freedom of choice, tolerence and acceptance. 

Our youth of today have so many challenges confronting them already that none of us in previous generations had when we were kids. Where a world of social media has become more anti-social than anything. And where online bullying and trolls have put immense pressure on the mental health of so many. 

The more as parents we are able to redirect our kids away from their devices and into nature and healthy pursuits, the more balanced physically and mentally they are going to be when they have to face the world on their own. Technology is here to stay of course, yet pursuing a more balanced lifestyle when lockdowns have put us to the test, could not be more crucial than right at this moment in time. 

We at RREPP have always been very aligned to sending positive messages in the form of affirmations out into the universe. Affirmations that will manifest into a force to be reckoned with when collectively applied as a global community. Living with Gratitude and Kindness in our everyday lives is very powerful and can help build mental strength and better physical health for everyone now and into the future.

These philosophies have recently driven us to produce an affirming T-shirt in black and white colours with a simple message printed on them - Be Kind . We are only doing a small run of these Tees for now, in a mix of sizes S/M/L/XL/2XL. They are now loaded into our online shop for PURCHASE. And backing our Be Kind message is the unique way our T-shirts have been made. They are organic certified so kind on the environment plus they are Fairtrade certified which means they are also ethically made and socially conscious. 

Our Be Kind Tees are the perfect gift to yourself, or someone close to your heart. Or for High Schools they would make for meaningful gifts for your students as prize giveaways on your Wellness days during online learning. 

Our 'Be Kind' branded Tee's were inspired for people who wish to not only wear their values everyday, yet also for those who wish to express very simply an affirmation aligned to heartfelt kindness, unity, acceptance, tolerance and freedom.   

We also have the ability to scale up orders above and beyond this limited edition run if required. So feel free to make contact with us direct at if you have a custom requirement you would like us to fulfil.

Otherwise purchases can be made via our website HERE

All the very best and thanks so much to all of our customers for your ongoing love and support during what has been an extremely challenging 18 months for everyone.

Scott Goddard & The RREPP Team
Founding Director
Chief Purpose & Vision Officer

m. 0422 004 954

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