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Xmas Offer for All Our Newsletter Subscribers

Xmas Offer for All Our Newsletter Subscribers

Xmas Offer for All Our Newsletter Subscribers

This is RREPP's last newsletter for 2023 and after a horrid couple of years aligned to the covid pandemic, it has been pretty pleasing to not just get the RREPP business back on track in 2022 / 2023, yet also to achieve some pretty significant milestones along the way. Some of the main highlights included:

  • Winning the preferred International Match Ball supplier arrangement with Christian Football Australia for their annual National titles event for the 9th year in a row
  • Winning the soccer ball business for Salisbury East Junior FC in 2023 and just recently backing this up with an extension to supply again in 2024
  • Supplying our Match and International Soccer Balls to the Victorian Churches Football Association for over 200 of their teams
  • Creating 2000 of RREPP's custom designed Organic Fairtrade Tee's for Flight Centre's prestigious Global staff conference which was held in Bali in 2023 
  • RREPP was again honoured to be recertified with Social Traders Australia in 2023
  • At the beginning of 2022 we introduced our Tree Planting initiative in partnership with Tree Nation. From this we pledged to plant a tree on behalf of our customers for every product they purchased from us. For 2022 and 2023 our goal was to plant 3000 trees, yet as of today we have planted nearly 9000 trees. This is now a permanent initiative for RREPP. More details can be found on our website HERE
  • RREPP's Modern Slavery Statement continues to be a powerful Government approved document aligned to the RREPP business model and can also be found on our website HERE. It is well worth a read especially in relation to RREPP's ethics and supply chain transparency. 
  • This quarter we also collaborated with Vicki Rosenthal Art who is based in Florida in the U.S. Broward County Cultural Division awarded her an an Artist Support Grant for her initiative 'Fairtrade Soccer For All Community & Art Workshops'. A number of children will be recipients of RREPP's Fairtrade certified soccer balls as part of this diverse event. 
  • In November RREPP was requested to put in a tender for Sydney Catholic Schools (over 200 schools) to supply our Fairtrade certified Match quality Sports Balls. We are presently awaiting the results of this tender application. 

    So that's it for the highlights reel for RREPP. I'm sure you have all had extremely busy years as well. And as a thank you to everyone for your support, we have a special Xmas offer below that we would love you to take us up on. As you know, all our products are ethically produced, environmentally and socially conscious, and endorsed by Fairtrade Australia & NZ, and Social Traders. 

    All the very best.  Cheers. 

    Scott Goddard
    Founding Director @RREPP
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